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Why Website for a school

It is a big question why a local school should have a website? While they are operating in very local area,


Why does your school need a website?

Schools are now putting up their own websites but they have yet to effectively utilize this technology to bring real benefits to their audience: students, parents, teachers, and school officials.

The World Wide Web is one of the most effective communications technologies today. A school website can expand opportunities for parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about the education their children are getting. Teachers can use the school website to share ideas with other teachers and make them available even to everyone else. A school website can also allow parents to voice out their concerns to school officials.

Fostering family-school communication

Some parents avoid communicating with their children’s school because they do not feel comfortable talking to teachers or they think their concerns will not be heard while others are simply burned out by their work. When the need arises, many parents and teachers find themselves unable to contact each other.

School websites can greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in school. Parents like it when they are informed about upcoming exams, activities, and other tips to help their children. With the school providing relevant information, parents can save on time and money usually required on face-to-face communication. Besides being informed, parents can provide feedback to teachers and school officials.

Reaching out to the community

A school website can be used for other than educational means. A school website can include information on the community and build links between businesses, families, and the schools For example, a school website can become a great resource for families who are relocating.

A school website can also reach people other than those belonging to the school’s community; virtually anybody in the planet. Thus, establishing a website can also enhance the school’s reputation.


A school website is one of most effective and cheapest technologies to foster communication among students, parents, teachers, and school officials. Developing an effective website takes time and resources but if done right, the benefits to the school community are enormous. While a school website is appealing to use, there are some barriers that could slow down its integration in schools and its use at home. Insufficient understanding of the technology can limit the options of the schools. To address this, it is wise to seek outside help who understand the technology and more importantly, how better to use it practically for the benefit of the school community. Giving the students, teachers, and school officials the chance to use and enhance the school website will help them broaden their awareness of technology. This is also an opportunity to teach responsible use of technology and ethics in online communication. Lastly, the school website should not be perceived as replacement to face-to-face interactions. While a school website provides convenience to the school community, nothing can replace the warmth and effectiveness of face-to-face interaction.

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